Exhibition stand design and structure build
Outdoor art exhibition design and build
Museum exhibition design and build
Interiors design and construction build
Show room design and build
Office Design and Build
Window display and construction build
Branding Design and Build
Franchise store billboard design
Media event and event plan
Vistar Exhibition Design Co., Ltd. is dedicated to exhibition design, building and construction, planning exhibition integrated marketing activities, and provides clients with solutions for international exhibition booths design and construction building, whether it's international exhibition design, an exhibition booth building, stand construction in international exhibition. trade shows, showrooms, shops and department stores, merchandise or exhibition of interior design and decoration, we can spin gold from straw, any blank space is converted into a perfect venue to show in exhibitions, to provide you commercial space solutions.
"From Global dedication and customer prospects Vista, the mission will Reach any places, "Vista+r "our company name is our mission description. Vistar flying things up, we fly around the world, just to help you achieve your goal to expand your business territory
We are an experienced professional team, we plan and create  successful trade show booths to suit your budget . Whether you need a one-stop full-service solution, or an international  exhibition around the world, we will be glad to serve you.